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Fire Alarm Testing.

Fire alarm testing is a mandatory test and should be carried out in accordance with BS5839. These regulations are part of the fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings; they cover design commissioning and maintenance.

Below is a guide to fire alarm inspections; these has been broken down into types of system;

Grade A Fire Alarm system

Grade A fire alarm systems have the following requirements;

  1. Smoke Detectors.
  2. Heat Detectors.
  3. Manual Call Points.
  4. Central Control Panel.
  5. Sounders.

They are usually found in a commercial property, but can also be installed in homes.

Grade D Fire Alarm System:

A Grade D fire alarm system is usually interlinked smoke/Heat alarms, this system can be found in most domestic properties.

Fire Alarm testing for various systems Listed below;

Fire Alarm testing Daily Check List:
  1. Fire Alarm panel is in normal operation.
  2. Any fault warnings to be rectified.
  3. Visual inspection of panel.

Anyone can carry out the checks, if there is a major problem the appropriate people must be contacted.

Fire Alarm  Daily Check List:
  1. Same check as the daily check list.
  2. a different alarm to be checked every week.

Any defects are to be recorded and the correct people to be contacted.

Fire Alarm Checks 6 Monthly:

A full test of the fire alarm system should be carried out every 6 months. The test should be carried out by a competent person. The fire alarm test should be carried out in accordance with BS5839 part 1 section 6. Once the test is completed it should be put in the log book. On completion of your fire alarm testing you should receive a fire alarm certificate.

Fire alarm certificates costs from £80 in London and Essex.

Fire Alarm testing of a Grade D system:

Fire system testing for a grade D system is slightly easier, although it should be done every month. The way to test these smoke alarms is by pressing the button. It is recommended the smoke / Heat alarms are cleaned every year.

General systems fire alarm testing:

It is recommended that all detectors should be tested at least once a year to ensure that they respond to smoke, the tests carried out must be done so with equipment that will not contaminate the smoke detector. It is recommended that the test is carried out by a specialist fire alarm engineer and the fire alarm test should be recorded in the log book and a test certificate supplied.

Fixed Wire Testing on the fire alarm equipment:

The wiring of your fire alarm system should also be tested. This can be done every 5 years periodic electrical testing. The electrical installation condition report must be done in line with BS7671.

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You can also get more information about your fire alarm testing from Fire Safe (external Link).

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