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Electrical Inspections and testing.

Electrical Inspections in the workplace responsibilities?

There are several regulations for electrical Inspections. This can become quite confusing. It sometimes leads to electrical testing being ignored! Or correct procedures are not put in place. The thing to do is; speak to someone in the know; if you are unsure.

Electrical testing is backed up by BS7671. these regulations are not legally binded. This said; they are backed up by the electricity at works act. The electricity at works act; states all electrical equipment must be safe to use. A simple earth fault on a ring main; could have huge effects on a business. This can be a problem; if workplace electrical inspections and testing; is not be carried out.

A good “health and safety policy” will have a electrical testing procedure. This includes a full programme of the maintenance required. Various tests full under workplace electrical Inspection and testing. Please see below;

  1. Fixed Wire Installations.
  2. Portable appliances.
  3. Emergency Lighting.
  4. Fire Alarms.

All testing must be done in line with the; “electricity at works act”. This is to ensure; that your “property” and “employees” are safe from risk. The “electricians” carrying out the electrical safety testing; should always provide a certificate; This will detail any risks.

A recent trend in the market; is for insurers to ask for electrical inspections. This is due to previous mishaps in the work place; and people ignoring the regulations.

We carry out workplace electrical Inspection and testing. Click on the links below; for more information on your property type:

  • Office Electrical Testing.
  • Shop Electrical Testing.
  • Public House Electrical Testing.
  • Restaurant Electrical Testing.
  • Studio Electrical Testing.
  • Farm Electrical Testing.
  • Store Electrical Testing.

Electrical Testing Costs:

Electrical Inspection (Studio) (Landlords Certificate) £80.
Electrical Inspection (1 Bed) (Landlords Certificate) £90.
Electrical Inspection (2 Bed) (Landlords Certificate) £100.
Electrical Inspection (3 Bed) (Landlords Certificate) £100.
Electrical Inspection (4 Bed) (Landlords Certificate) £120.
Fire Alarm Inspection £80 /zone.
Emergency Lighting Certificate £80.

Workplace Electrical Inspections (Call to Confirm).

We ensure all our electricians are either NICEIC (external link) or NAPIT (external link) registered and are fully qualified to carry out electrical certificates or periodic inspection reports.

If you do not have time to call; fill in our Contact us form; for your workplace electrical Inspections. We will call you back; at a convenient time for you.

Sales Line: 020 3637 1446.

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