Benefits of Selecting Electrical Installation Condition Report

Gaining periodic insights on the health and integrity of a building’s electrical system is critical for safeguarding property and people alike. Whilst not every property owner may be required under law to obtain an electrical installation condition report, anyone can benefit from ordering this type of inspection on a routine basis.

An electrical installation condition report is a document created by a professional electrician following a thorough inspection of a home or building’s electrical system. Since electrical installations do deteriorate over time, inspections simply allow property owners to ensure preventative maintenance is performed before small problems become big and potentially deadly ones. An installation condition inspection is something, in fact, that any home or building should undergo at least once every five years. Three-year intervals may be recommended in some cases.

Obtaining an electrical installation condition report will require contracting a professional electrician. As a result, property owners will have to pay out a bit of money to obtain potentially lifesaving information. These reports, however, deliver benefits that can end up saving property owners money in the long run whilst potentially enabling them to avoid disasters associated with electrical fires.

Property owners who are diligent about obtaining electrical installation condition report inspections will find these benefits are likely to result from taking the initiative:

  • Ability to identify overloaded circuits – In residential and commercial settings alike, overloaded circuits may lead to frequent tripping of breakers. When this happens, equipment will shut off as power to a circuit is severed. Frequent overloading of circuits is dangerous and may also lead to damaged equipment, such as computers, televisions, HVAC systems and so on. If an inspector finds such a concern, he or she will be able to offer advice to the property owner to address overloaded circuits before costly damage occurs.
  • Ability to identify and remove fire hazards – During this type of inspection, an electrician will gauge the health of wiring and other electrical components included in a building’s system. Property owners gain the benefit of learning if there are any concerns that may pose fire or shock hazards. This information can prove vital for averting potential disasters.
  • Ability to identify any previously performed work that is shoddy – Defective electrical work can be just as dangerous as wires that deteriorate over time or overloaded circuits that constantly trip breakers. An inspector will also look for this concern and make recommendations for addressing anything that requires immediate remediation.

An electrical installation condition report is designed to provide property owners peace of mind while empowering them to avert potential disaster. When a report points out problem areas, owners stand to gain the benefits that come along with being able to take immediate action to safeguard people and property both.

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