Check Whether Your Electrical Equipment are Safe or Not Through Electrical Certification

Electrical products and electronic equipment are ubiquitous. In fact, many of them are essential to different aspects of our daily life. These products either help users be more productive and efficient in the workplace or provide convenience and entertainment at home. These said, electrical products can also pose danger to users, exposing us to risks of electrical shock and other such consequences as a result of inadequate maintenance, poor design, or misuse. In fact, electrical shock as a result of the use of faulty electronic products and electrical equipment is the cause of thousands of injuries and even hundreds of deaths worldwide, in any given year. This is where electrical certification through electrical safety testing comes to play.

The testing of electronic products and equipment for electrical safety helps identify the potential risk that these appliances pose to users. Evaluating electrical products for safety typically involves different types of tests including:

  • Leakage current test – This test is performed to evaluate whether or not the current flowing between the AC source and the ground does not exceed specified limits.
  • High voltage test or dielectric withstand test – this test measures the ability of electrical products to withstand high voltage applied between their electrical circuit and the ground.
  • Ground continuity test – This test ensures a clear path between the power system ground and all the exposed metal surfaces of the equipment.
  • Insulation resistance test – this test calibrates and measures the quality of the equipment’s electrical insulation.

Production line testing – In addition to these pre-market tests and certifications, makers and manufacturers of electronic products are also required to conduct or carry out production line testing. This type of electrical equipment testing and certification may include several or all tests required, depending on certification specifications. Just the same, electrical safety testing is an important aspect of production compliance with relevant standards, regulations, and directives when it comes to manufacturing electronic products.

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