Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate: Make Your Home a Safer Place to Live

A domestic electrical installation certificate is issued to homeowners in order to confirm that a new or recent electrical installation work has been constructed, designed, tested, and inspected in accordance to current wiring and electrical safety regulations. It bears similarities with an electrical installation certificate, only it is specifically used for domestic installations and is preferred primarily for its simplicity. Domestic electrical installation certificates are to be used only for the verification or certification of a brand new installation or an alteration or addition to an existing installation, such as new circuits introduced to a system.

Electrical certifications such as the domestic electrical installation certificate provide critical information about a property’s legal compliance to safety regulations. They help ensure that electrical installations within a particular property have been thoroughly inspected and in turn qualify as safe as per current standards. Securing these kinds of safety certificates is crucial as they help protect property owners and managers against legal repercussions of non-compliance to regulations. A domestic electrical installation certificate is also useful when putting a home up for sale as well as when verifying insurance claims. Failure to maintain electrical safety could put you at risk of invalidating your insurance policy as well as facing legal consequences of non-compliance to current standards.

Electrical certifications are to be expected whenever electrical work is done in a building. Electrical installation certificates are typically issued to indicate the safety of works like brand new circuit installations or perhaps the replacement of consumer units and fuse boxes. Minor electrical installations also merit a safety certificate as well as installations and works involving the alteration or addition of existing circuit systems, particularly when those installations are within a room containing a bath, shower, swimming pool, sauna heater, or perhaps kitchen appliances. Domestic electrical installation certificates are different from EICR or electrical installation condition report in that the latter is issued upon the testing and assessment of electrical circuits for potential damage and deterioration over time.

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