EICR Report – Periodic Inspection and Testing

An EICR report or Electrical Installation Condition Report is a formal piece of documentation generated following a complete assessment of electrical installations within a home or a property. Electrical testing must be carried out by a qualified and competent electrician or an approved contractor who must likewise produce the certification. A “qualified” person must have taken the proper courses and trainings that cover periodic testing and inspection of electrical installations and must be registered with scheme providers to ensure their compliance with the latest standards of safety in the field. Only certified personnel with good working knowledge as well as experience around electrical installations can issue an EICR report for your property. 

There are various reasons why home and property owners might request this kind of report. Whether or not you have an immediate need for an EICR report, having your latest documentation on standby in case you need it to prove compliance is highly recommended. This report can serve as proof that shows the safety of your electrical installations. 

An EICR report is likewise recommended for all domestic properties. Homes must be checked and tested for electrical safety and condition at least every 10 years to keep electrical installations up-to-date with the latest safety standards and make sure that there’s no deterioration that could lead to disastrous results, when left unchecked and unaddressed. In some cases, an electrical inspection must be done more frequently such as in the case of older installations, which make them more prone to damage. Depending on the type of property, certain parts of the electrical system might likewise need to be inspected more often, such as in the case of properties with swimming pools or those with unique environmental conditions. Vandalism or misuse of an electrical appliance or installation may likewise call for an inspection as well as a change in the usage or perhaps occupancy of a property. Periodic inspection and testing of your electrical installations provide property owners peace of mind that their electrical appliances are in good working condition and will not cause harm or damage to their property and its occupants.

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