Electrical Certificate for Landlords – Safety and Security

A rental house comes with an obligation regarding the safety and security of your property. An electrical certificate for landlords acts as critical evidence that the house and its electrical installations have been adequately examined and tested for safety.


Legal duties as a landlord 

It is the responsibility of the landlords to provide electrical safe rental properties. Consequently, as per law, they are required to ensure a few necessary aspects.

  • All electrical installation like plugs, internal wiring, light fixtures in a rented house is safe and in perfect condition when tenants move in.
  • Periodic assessment and tests are undertaken by a qualified electrician on your rental properties at least every five years. It also includes safety inspection of Houses in Multiple Occupation or HMOs
  • Various electric appliances provided for maintenance and portable units are safe and up to mark.


Safe and Secure Rental Properties 

Landlords must be well versed with various safety regulations required in the interest of your property as well as tenants. Regardless, if a landlord fails to secure an electrical safety certificate, the person will have to face legal and monetary consequences. As per law, if your property is found not compatible with electrical safety standards, you could be imposed on fines and penalties that could range from £ 5,000 fines (at least), six months of imprisonment, and nullified property insurance. And you can be accused of potential criminal charges if electrical safety negligence causes injury or casualty. So, in all cases, an electrical safety certificate landlord is necessary. To stay legitimate, local authorities must be pre-notified for any work that is about to commence. Otherwise, you can hire registered contractors or electricians that will inspect, approve, and issue an electrical certificate. The issued electrical certificate can safeguard you from the financial expense and, at the same time, ensure the security of your property.


The Electrical safety certificates for landlords are fundamental requirements because it is the legal duty of a landlord to get all electrical installations and appliances tested and maintained throughout the occupant’s tenancy. Obtaining the right electrical certificate for landlords will protect your house and your tenants from the possible hazards that electrical safety could result in.


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