Electrical Installation Condition Report: Ways to Find a Reliable Company for Electrical Inspection

If you are planning on selling or renting out a property, then you need to prepare your EICR. If you don’t have one or if the last electrical inspection that has been carried out in your property was 10 or more years ago, then it’s important to secure a new EICR for landlords

Why? Because according to the law, you have the legal responsibility to ensure that the tenanted property is safe to live in and to use throughout the entire tenancy. You cannot fulfil your duties if the electrical work in your HMO or commercial structure is faulty and not properly maintained.

If you fail to provide proof to your tenants that the property meets the safety standards, they can sue you. And if proven guilty, you may be charged a hefty fine. All these can be avoided with periodic electrical installation inspections and securing your EICR reports.

The law also recommends hiring only registered electricians for electrical inspections. But how do you make sure that you are choosing a competent, experienced, and professional electrician who is fit for the job?

1. Contact electrical scheme operators:

NAPIT and NICEIC are two of the most trusted scheme operators in the country. So if you want to find a list of registered electricians or companies     , simply visit their official sites and use their online directories. Their platforms make it easier for you to find a trusted electrician near your locality. You can also use their sites for verifying claims.

2. Verify with third party companies:

A reliable company will be vetted by other trusted organizations other than the electrical scheme operators that they are a member of. Look for proof that they are committed to quality customer service and the highest level of technical competence and trading practices. Find reviews online and get as much information as you can about their experience.

3. Ask for a list of references:

You need to know what their previous clients are saying about them to help you assess if their quality of work is indeed satisfactory.

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