Electrical Safety Certificate – Your Home Safety Checklist

How safe is your home? You can never truly tell until you have it thoroughly inspected by a qualified professional. One of the crucial inspections you must do is the electrical safety check. It will provide a domestic electrical safety certificate that will be helpful for different applications, such as ensuring the safety of electrical wiring and equipment. It’s also a good idea to produce an electrical certificate if you are planning to sell or rent out the property, or if you want to qualify for property insurance. Discerning home buyers may also consider having an electrical safety check done before they purchase or rent a property. 

Think of the electrical safety certificate as a means for ensuring that all electrical installations and wirings in your home are safe and in will not put you at risk of accidents, fires, and shock. It will come with a comprehensive electrical report that can be helpful every ten years for fixed wire testing. This service is also available to landlords to ensure tenants of the safety of the rental property. Different kinds of electrical testing are available to landlords, and these include the PAT certificate, fixed wire testing, emergency light reports, and fire alarm inspection. All these certificates are mandatory in an HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy), while standard rental properties will only require fixed & PAT testings. 

Domestic electrical testing may not be a legal requirement. Still, it is commonly requested to give landlords, property owners, tenants, homeowners, and potential buyers the confidence in the safety of the property. Moreover, local councils, authorities, and insurers will typically require the electrical safety certificate. You need to make sure that a qualified electrician will provide the testing and certification. 

The cost for domestic electrical safety certificates will vary according to the size of the property, particularly on the number of rooms. Rest assured—the EICR will be reasonable, and worth the investment if you consider the peace of mind, it will give.

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