Electrical Safety Standards and The Importance of PAT Testing in London

Every business, establishment, or property a health and safety policy should make it a point to hire a qualified electrician to conduct portable appliance testing (PAT). In fact, the Health and Safety executive recommends testing portable appliances at least once a year in all commercial properties and residential properties for rent. In PAT, portable appliances include fixed devices, too, such as hand dryers, ovens, and hobs. For landlords, PAT testing in London will ensure safety for your tenants and compliance with the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act. The Act itself recommends implementing a maintenance program, which includes the testing and inspection of appliances.

The Health & Safety executive found that 25 percent of reported electrical accidents are caused by portable appliances. This would further emphasize the importance of PAT testing in London, as it ensures the safety of tenants, customers, and employees who will use those appliances. This means taking the necessary steps to ensure that no accidents will occur while using portable appliances.

You are obligated to hire an electrician to conduct PAT testing if employees and the public use the appliances, and if you are using hired electrical equipment. When choosing a PAT tester, make sure that it is a qualified electrician under City and Guilds Level 2377-22 and 2377-32. That way, you can be sure that they have the proper training and equipment to conduct PAT testing in London. PAT testing is necessary if you have appliances that have been recently repaired or serviced, too. After the test, all appliances will bear information on the annual retest date to remind you the last time they were tested. You can use that as reference when you need to schedule the next test, which is considered good practice if you want to continue ensuring the safety of the people in your establishment.

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