Emergency Lighting Certificate cost from £99!

Emergency Light testing is carried out to ensure the lights work correctly. They are important to health and safety and should illuminate exit routes. These routes are for people leaving the building in an emergency. A safe exit must always be illuminated.

Emergency lights are used for various reasons as follows;

  • Loss of power.
  • Failure to the lighting system.
  • Fire.

If the emergency lights do not work correctly; this could result in serious outcomes which include injury and death.

Emergency lighting testing is a requirement by UK law, This ensures all exit routes are illuminated. This is for all places with guest access and include the following:

  • Guest Access.
  • Public Access.
  • Stakk Access.

Regular emergency light testing should be carried out, on completion the date and time should be placed in the site logbook to prove this was done and an emergency light certificate should be provided.

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    Emergency light testing Schedule:

    • Check LED’s are on every day
    • Switch test switch off to ensure this emergency light test will ensure all the lights come on come on.
    • Illuminate the lights for 3 hours this ensures the lights last and is required for your annual emergency light test

    Types of emergency lights:

    • Non–Maintained Emergency Light: The emergency lights switch on when the power fails.
    • Maintained Emergency Light: Works with a normal lighting system but also come on when the power fails
    • Sustained Emergency Light: A combination of maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting.

    Testing Emergency Lights Legal Requirements

    Emergency light testing is a legal requirement. The tests are UK law and should not be ignored, if you do not comply with the regulations you can be prosecuted. In severe circumstances, you can end up in a criminal court. This is usually when there is injury or death as a failure to comply with the emergency lighting testing procedures.

    Emergency Light Certificate Prices:

    120Emergency Lighting Testing 1-10 Lights: 1 Hour
    160Emergency Lighting Testing 11-20 Lights: 1 Hour
    200Emergency Lighting Testing 21-30 Lights: 1 Hour

    Emergency Lighting Certificate

    Emergency Light Certificates are similar to electrical certificates in appearance. They are required after an emergency light testing and inspection has been carried out at your property. Emergency Light testing is recommended by LAW in the UK for health and safety; the emergency light certificates must be held in a safe place as proof of compliance.

    You will receive your emergency light certificate from the electrician; once the emergency light testing has been completed. This will provide you with any recommendations that require fixing on the emergency lighting installed. These recommendations can be damage; deterioration; defects or dangerous conditions.

    How often should you get a emergency light certificate?

    There are various time scales for testing emergency lighting to be carried out. However, the recommendations are as follow;

    • Weekly emergency lighting tests. (Checking the LED are on)
    • 3 Monthly emergency lighting Tests. (Switching the power of to ensure lights illuminate)
    • 6 monthly emergency lighting Tests. (Let the batteries discharge for 1 hour to see if the lights stay on)
    • Annually emergency lighting Test (Let the batteries discharge for 3 hour to see if the lights stay on)

    The only main requirement above is the annual test; although it is highly recommended that you carry out the other tests. This is to ensure safety.

    Did you know…..?

    Each Employer; Building Controller or Building Owner (The Responsible Person); must protect employees or any other persons legally entering their premises. An Emergency Lighting System must meet the requirements of BS5839 or else will be deemed non-compliant.

    Emergency Light Testing Prices:

    100Emergency Lighting Certificate 1-10 Alarms, 1 Hour
    160Emergency Lighting Certificate 11-20 Alarms 1 Hour
    200Emergency Lighting Certificate 21-30 Alarms 1 Hour

    What is the Importance of Emergency Light Testing on a Regular Basis?

    Every employer or commercial property owner has the legal responsibility to ensure that their premises are safe for their staff and customers. Emergency light testing is one way to guarantee compliance with applicable regulations.

    Emergency lighting systems are lighting systems that automatically provide illumination when the mains power supply is cut. They are some of the most important systems in any property because they allow work continuity as well as the safe evacuation of people in case of fire and earthquake. This explains why emergency light testing should be done routinely. If you are an employer or an owner of a building, then you should conduct monthly emergency lighting tests as well as annual emergency lighting tests.

    Make sure that all emergency lights will operate during a crisis

    Your emergency lights deteriorate over time even if you are not using them. It is important to do emergency light testing to see if the battery needs changing and detect any signs of wear and tear. The tests can also ensure that the emergency lighting in your office will do what they are designed to do—and that is to save lives.

    Comply with the UK Safety Standards

    Non-compliance with the British Standards BS 5266-1:2016 and BS EN 50172 is punishable by law. You may be fined a hefty amount and even face criminal charges if you fail to fulfill your obligations. The records of your emergency light tests monthly and annually will prove that you adhere to the regulations.

    Minimise liability

    Malfunctioning emergency light fixtures will make it hard for people to evacuate safely out of the building during an emergency. This can lead to accidents and injuries. Moreover, you may also face legal problems with people making claims against the building’s insurance policy. In case of serious injury or death, you may even end up in a criminal court.

    Emergency Light Inspection Check List:

    Below is a list of thing required for your emergency light inspection. We request you follow this before an electrician arrives. This ensures you are ready for your emergency light testing.

    • Make sure your electrician can access the consumer unit. Any items blocking the consumer unit could prevent the emergency lighting inspection.
    • Please provide us a estimate of height for the consumer unit. This way we can bring appropriate ladders. This is to ensure access is adequate.
    • Make sure the installation is live upon arrival. If there is no electricity we cant carry out the test.
    • It is recommended you carry out a 1 hour test on the lights. This is so you know they work.
    • Count the amount of emergency lights we are testing; let us know the amount of lights and locations. This is to ensure we do not miss any.
    • Ensure you have located all emergency light inspections switches. Provide make if possible; this ensures we bring the correct keys with us.
    • Full tests may be carried out in these circumstances; Early signs of dangers/recommendations present; Locations not available. If this happens you will still be charged.
    • Provide any previous reports or drawing you have on the emergency light installation.
    • Provide any previous eicr certificates or periodic inspection reports so we have an idea
      of the history of the electrical installation

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