Ensure Safety of Your High-Risk Electrical Appliances – Get Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate

A Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate is issued by electricians after inspecting a new electrical installation in a new home or new work added to an existing installation. In some cases, this certification is also given after the inspection of an alteration to an existing electrical system in a single dwelling. A full Electrical Installation Certificate is issued if the inspection is done in two and more dwellings, such as in the case of HMO properties.

A Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate serves as an assurance that the electrical installation is fully inspected and tested by qualified electricians according to the standards of BS 7671. It also declares that the electrical installation in a property is safe to use and won’t cause harm to electrical appliances and devices.

Electrical inspections done in a domestic property can be considered preventive measures. When the electrician sees that the electrical work isn’t designed and built properly, the property owner can immediately solve the problem before it gets worse. This can prevent bigger problems down the line.

Be sure to look for this certification if you are interested in buying or moving into a new property. It is your guarantee that it is safe to live in—that its electrical system won’t put your family and your assets at risk. As the buyer or renter, you must ask the seller or landlord for this certification.

If you’re a landlord, you have the legal obligation to earn this certification. This will be your evidence that you are complying with the all the criteria as stipulated by law. With a Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate, you can give your tenants and buyers peace of mind. Without it, you may face criminal charges, fines, and imprisonment in case of electrical-related accidents and fire. Moreover, your insurance provider may not grant your claim because of your non-compliance.



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