Ensure the Safety of Your Domestic and Commercial Properties through Electrical Installation Condition Report

Every electrical installation will deteriorate and start malfunctioning over time, and as they do, they could impose safety hazards on your domestic and commercial properties. Only through an electrical installation condition report can you confirm that they are safe? An EICR is part of a periodic inspection that occurs every three to five years, and it serves as an electrical safety check, which will let you know whether the electrical installations on your property are unsatisfactory or satisfactory. The outcome will depend on the quality and condition of the installation and types of installation you have. A certified electrician should be able to explain the results after granting your certificate.


Reputable electricians are qualified to provide different kinds of electrical safety certificates, including EICRs. They work with property owners and landlords to test commercial and domestic properties. With their help, you can have an accurate and informative EICR to let you know if any electrical equipment or circuits are overloaded and if there are any potential fire hazards or electric shocks. The report should help in identifying defective electrical installations and highlight any lack of bonding or earthing.

Testing is a part of the procedure for generating an electrical installation condition report to make sure that all fixed electrical items and wirings are safe. The certified electrician can provide a schedule of circuits, too, in case you require this document. EICR reports are either a visual condition report or a periodic inspection report. The latter is often recommended as it includes a testing process to uncover hidden issues, while the former is conducted only if the installation has been recently tested.

Domestic and commercial property owners may request an electrical installation condition report for many different reasons, but they typically need it as a proof that their electrical installations are safe. The older an installation, the more testing and an EICR must be conducted on regular basis. A property that has a swimming pool will need its EICR every year, and testing must be conducted if domestic properties will change during its usage.

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