Explain the Benefits for Landlords to Have Electrical Safety Certificate

As a landlord, you have the responsibility to make sure that your property is safe. This includes ensuring the safety of all electrical installations, especially if you have recently installed, altered, or upgraded them. An electrical certificate for landlords can prove that you have taken the time to call a qualified electrician to inspect and check your installations and verify their safety at the time they were put into service. The certificate is also known as an EICR (electrical installation condition report), which will detail the type and extent of electrical installation work, testing, and inspection to be conducted for your property. Here is a more in-depth look at the benefits of the landlord electrical certificate:

  • The EICR is informative – The certificate indicates electrical faults, which have been found during an inspection. When you know those defects, you can take measures to correct or fix them before they cause burns or shock to livestock or humans. The report will also say if an installation is safe to use, and if it has sufficient protection against damage to your property by fire or heat, which may rise from a defective point.
  • Identify the hazards – Electrical certificates for landlords can indicate if additions to your installations could result in overloading, and if alterations to installation could cause damage or harm. Electricians can also inspect for water damage or flooding due to leaks.
  • Compliance – The electrical certificate for landlords is an important aspect of ensuring tenant safety. Full inspection must be conducted every three to five years, or as recommended by an electrician based on the results from a previous inspection. Inspection is legally required every five years if your property is an HMO (house in multiple occupation). Keep in mind that you are obliged to make sure that all installations and appliances in your property are safe. You can do that with a landlord electrical certificate.
  • Avoid the consequences of having unsafe appliances and installations –Electrical certificates for landlords could help you avoid hefty fines, imprisonment, criminal charges in case of death or injury, and voided property insurance.

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