Fire Alarm Testing – An Easy and Must-Have Process

Taking precautionary measures to reduce the risk of fire that may cause injuries is a vital step for anyone, be it a property owner or landlord giving his property on rent. So, it is mandatory to ensure that a properly functioning fire alarm system is installed in the building or apartment. The kind of system needed, depends on the type of building and its usage. Just like other electrical installations and appliances, an inspection of the fire alarm system regularly, is essential. It shall be noted that you need to get fire alarm testing conducted from certified electricians.

When it comes to the matter of fire alarm test, its frequency depends on the condition of the fire system installed in a building. Of course, the person called for a fire alarm check should have adequate experience in handling various types of fire alarms. Note that the accumulation of dust and other contaminants can cause problems with smoke detectors.

Steps of Fire Alarm Testing:

  1. There is a need to test and regulate alarm sensors such as flame and smoke detectors. So, the electrician should have ample understanding of different sensors with their failure modes, testing necessities, and re-installation needs.
  2. One should go for simulation of inputs and testing of the annunciators.
  3. It is necessary to set sensitivity, which calls for knowledge of the particular system, its specifications and the fire detection theory.
  4. Coordinate with the fire department for testing the input to their system.
  5. Lastly, check the battery for its corrosion and expiration date.

The best thing about conducting a fire alarm test is that the system should be functional at the time of any emergency. This will help you in taking proper precautionary measures. Indeed, fire alarm systems help in protecting people, property and assets.

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