New consumer unit installation from just £450

What’s the difference between a fuse box cost and a consumer unit cost?

We’re frequently asked ‘How much does it cost to replace a fuse box in a house?’ The client can be sometimes be surprised when they receive a quote for a ‘consumer unit’ when they asked for replacing a fuse box! In essence, consumer units are the modern and safer version of traditional fuse boxes which in many cases are no longer compliant with current electrical regulations. They employ a wide range of circuit protection devices to maximise safety including:

  • RCD – Residual Current Device
  • MCB – Mini Circuit Breaker
  • RCBO – Residual Current Breaker + Overload
  • SPD – Surge Protection Device
  • AFDD – Arc Fault Detection Device

Does the consumer unit price vary in relation to the number of circuits in my house?

Yes, however, our new consumer units start from £350, this includes up to 6 circuits. However, we offer a wide range of consumer units that can cope with a wide range of residential and commercial applications.

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    What sort of consumer unit do I need?

    There are numerous models and variations of units but all of them fit into four main types of consumer units:

    • Main Switch Consumer Units
    • Dual RCD Consumer Units (frequently termed a ‘fully loaded consumer unit’ or ‘dual split consumer unit’)
    • High Integrity Consumer Units (often terms a ‘split load consumer unit’)
    • RCD Incomer Consumer Units

    We can help determine what is the best unit for your application by understanding your current loading requirements as well as discussing with you what future power usage plans you might have.

    Do I need a qualified electrician to install a consumer unit?

    Absolutely. For more information as to what to look for what to look out for when selecting a qualified electrician visit here.

    Does your cost include the removal and disposal of your old fuse box?

    Yes, we will remove and dispose of your old fuse boxes

    Does it also include the replacement of RCDs?

    All consumer units must come with RCD protection installed, this will always be part of your consumer unit replacement

    Is it cheaper if I need a garage consumer unit replaced?

    These units are commonly used in outhouses, sheds, and of course garages, where there only a couple of circuits may be required for lighting and tools. As a consequence, they are generally cheaper to install, contact us today for a quote.

    Has the price of consumer units risen over the past 12 months?

      • Yes, prices for your consumer unit are currently going up in line with inflation at the moment. To get an up-to-the-minute quotefor the full range of consumer units we can provide then don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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