Get the Trustworthy PAT Testing by Qualified, Registered, and Licensed Electricians in Essex, London

Property owners are not required to do PAT Testing in London, but you may want to have it done periodically. This procedure is extremely helpful in ensuring that your property and the people in it are safe from the risk of electrical fires. According to the Health & Safety Executive, electrical appliances in rentable residential and commercial properties should undergo regular tests. PAT Testing in London is highly recommended.

Doublecheck the quality and safety of electrical goods

The influx of cheap electrical goods coming from countries outside the UK has made PAT Testing ever so important. Most of these products are sold in the market without undergoing strict testing procedures, so most of them do not meet UK standards. Using these imported and cheap electrical goods can be very risky, so safety checks are necessary.

Prevent electrical-related accidents

Reports say that 25% of electrical accidents caused by portable appliances. With PAT Testing, such risks can be minimised.

Comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act

The Health and Safety at Work Act was made because of the safety risks that appliances pose. This law places a legal responsibility on employers, requiring them to take practical steps to ensure that using their appliances and equipment will not result in accidents or injuries. While PAT testing in Essex can be done by a competent person who has enough background, knowledge, and experience in PAT Testing, it is still better to hire a professional electrician.

Highly-qualified electricians

When you hire from a trades facilities provider, you can rest assured that their electricians are qualified, registered, and licensed. They have completed all applicable PAT Training courses and have City and Guilds Level 2377-22 and Level 2377-32. They don’t just meet the qualifications of a ‘competent person’ described by the IEE Code of Practice 3rd edition—they surpass these standards.

Get access to the best technology

Certified electricians are better equipped with the required technology and testing equipment. They can provide quality inspections, accurate reports, and even PAT Testing certificates on completion.

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