Grab Information about PAT Testing Service in Essex

PAT Testing (portable appliance testing), which is formally called in-service inspection, is a process done to check the safety of electrical appliances in the UK. While this certificate is not mandatory, there is no doubt that it is still an important document that every landlord and property owner should have. Before you start looking for an electrician who provides PAT Testing in Essex, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with basic information about portable appliance testing and what you can expect.

PAT Testing includes visual inspections of the appliance as well as their flexible cables. Electrical engineers also perform testing of grounding continuity and soundness of insulation. After carrying out the test, the electrical engineer will put a sticker on the appliance as proof that it has been tested. A PAT Certificate is also issued, which shows the details or the result of the test. It should state whether the appliance has passed or failed the test according to the requirements of the category to which it belongs. The document should also state individual re-test dates, as well as when the appliance should no longer be used.

Complying to the high standards of fire safety benefits not only the landlord or the business but also the people residing or working in the premises. The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 states that property owners or landlords should ensure that their electrical system is well-maintained, and PAT Testing is a necessary part of the maintenance program.

If you are ready for PAT testing, choose a reliable electrician. While anyone who has the testing machine can perform the test, a qualified electrical engineer can do it quicker and better. Certified electricians can also offer recommendations or deal with any repairs that need to be done right away.

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