How is Fire Alarm Test is Done?

According to BS5839 regulations, an appropriate fire detection system in the UK is mandatory. These regulations imply that the fire alarm test is necessary because if there is a sudden outbreak of fire, it can be easily discovered. These alarms are required in all commercial and residential properties to warn everyone of any urgent situation. Thereby, it serves as a signal to evacuate the premises soon.

How is Fire Alarm Test Done?

Fire alarms are safety devices, and anyone can carry out the checks. Regardless, if there is a significant issue, then the fire alarm testing should be performed by a qualified electrician. The testing in the UK can be classified into different types depending on the type and extent of your system. Whether it’s a conventional, addressable, hybrid, or commercial fire alarm system, the testing procedure of the systems can be summed up in a few steps.

  • Check and calibrate fire/smoke detectors and heat/fire detectors as per manufacturer guidelines. It requires adequate knowledge of different sensors, their testing provisions, failure modes, and re-installation needs.
  • Simulate inputs, check the control panel and inspect the annunciators. The step involves having essential insight into the regular operation of the technical system.
  • Coordinate with the fire department to fire alarm check, assess the input system and to rectify any faulty wirings.
  • Through visual inspection of the panel, inspect the battery for corrosion and its expiry date, and make sure the system works even during a power failure.

Usually, all detectors should be examined at least once a year to confirm that they respond to smoke. If the wirings of the fire alarm system are fixed, they should be tested every five years periodically. It is recommended that an authorised fire alarm engineer implements the test. Once the process of alarm test is over, it is noted in the logbook, and a fire alarm certificate is issued.

The government expects business and property owners to install fire alarm and get it tested timely. Routine testing ensures the security of the workplace. However, any offender of the regulation will be penalised for negligence. Accordingly, the examination of a fire alarm should always be part and parcel of your business’ safety and emergency programs.


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