How to Choose Professional Electrician for Reliable Electrical Testing of Your Property?

An electrical certificate for landlords is one of the most important documents that you as an owner of an HMO or commercial property need to acquire. This landlord electrical certificate is given after a licensed professional completes a thorough inspection of a new electrical installation or new work in an existing electrical installation. After this initial inspection, the law still requires you to get electrical reports after five or 10 years, depending on the type of your property. Electrical certificates for landlords and reports show if the electrical installation, including the appliances, are safe to use. Both documents must be provided by a registered electrician.

Checking electrical work is a dangerous job, and most of the time, issues and problems are not easy to spot. That’s why hiring someone who knows how to do it right is critical. If you skimp on choosing your electrician, the results may be catastrophic. The question now is, where and how do you find a qualified electrician in the UK?

  1. Search online.

The fastest way to find electricians is by utilising the internet. Some organisations have websites or tools to help you search for registered electricians near you. Aside from this, there are also review sites where you can find suggestions for electricians or companies providing electrical certificate for landlords.

  1. Check their registration.

Qualified electricians are registered with government-approved associations like the NAPIT, NICEA, and ECA. Many other governing bodies are there but these three are the most credible in the industry. Before hiring a tradesman, check with the scheme if he or she is indeed registered.

  1. Ask for references.

Aside from their registration, you should also ask for a list of references whom you can contact. Ask their previous clients if they were satisfied with the work of the electrician as well as the price.

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