Illuminate Exit Routes of Your House with Emergency Light Testing in the United Kingdom

When normal lighting supply fails, emergency lighting steps in to provide much needed illumination in case of loss of mains power or some other system failure situation. Loss of electricity, power cuts, and failure of normal lighting could result in all kinds of danger, which is why it is crucial to have an emergency lighting system in place to ensure safety and enough illumination during. Just the same, it isn’t enough to have emergency lighting on standby, as these systems, too, aren’t immune to deterioration, especially with long periods of unused. Emergency light testing is something that you should consider periodically to ensure that your system will not fail you in times of emergency.

When sudden darkness strikes, you want your emergency lights to automatically light the way for you, enabling all occupants to safely see their way out and evacuate, should the situation call for such immediate action. Emergency light testing and maintenance are crucial to the life and health of your emergency light system. To make sure that your installation and equipment remain fully operational, regular servicing and testing must be performed. This is done by simulating power failure, forcing the emergency lighting system to wake up and operate through battery supply. Visual inspections, as well as other technical testing methods, can also be used to ensure the health of the emergency lighting system.

Emergency light testing can be done manually. In manual testing, simulated mains failure is achieved by isolating individual circuits and luminaires and then walking the entire property to check whether all emergency lights turned on. Upon restoration of power, the inspector must again check all units to ensure that they are recharging. There are different kinds of emergency lighting systems that call for individual testing patterns, including maintained and non-maintained systems, sustained, and generator or battery powered emergency lights.

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