How Important Are The Fire Extinguisher Certification Standards

The importance of fire safety can never be emphasized enough. Fire extinguishers tend to be the most important tool that you have at your disposal to get the accident/breakout under control. But imagine what would happen if the extinguisher in your hand fails to deliver. You are facing a fire and the tool in your hand to deal with the situation is actually dead…you really don’t ever want to be facing such a fix.

This is precisely why fire extinguisher certification standards are important – they ensure that the tool you buy for your home confirms to the requisite quality norms and is useful and functional for a user at the time of need. These certification standards have been developed to provide guidance to manufacturers and maintenance professionals over the development and upkeep of fire extinguishers. These are useful for both the users of the product as well as the manufacturer.

From the end-user point of view, fire extinguisher certification standards ensure that the product they are buying has been tested and proven to be effective. It is a guarantee that the tool has been manufactured in accordance with acceptable government norms, is of the best possible quality and will perform, as it should, if and when the time comes to use it. Not only is this an assurance for your safety but also that your investment will be fruitful.

From the manufacturer’s point of view, these standards are extremely helpful with product development. Firefighting technology is constantly changing and manufacturers receive various inputs from engineers and researchers on product modifications. Certifying authorities, through their criteria and norms, help streamline and speed up this process as improvisations to the existing fire extinguisher design can be made in accordance with relevant standards for enhancing performance and increasing value. By adhering to certification standards, manufacturers can rationalise their product development and testing process and reduce the time it takes for the product to reach the market.

So you see, fire extinguisher certification standards are helping to steer the industry of firefighting towards better and more effective performance levels. THAT is how important these norms are!

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