Improve the Efficiency of Your Electrical Compliance by Electrical Installation Condition Report

If you are a landlord, then you need to comply with the UK electrical regulations to ensure that your rental home or business establishment is safe to use. The law requires strict adherence so that the people who use the property can be protected from electrical-related accidents and hazards.

One of the certificates that you should have to secure for your property is the Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR certificate. It is based on the amendment of the BS 7671, or the law establishing the requirements for electrical installations condition report.

The integrity of electrical lines has to be regularly checked. Accredited electricians who have experience in investigating and testing are hired to provide the EICR. You can go directly to service providers who employ certified electricians who are registered with the NICEIC or NAPIT. They can accommodate all your needs for testing and certificates.

You have two types of EICR reports- visual and periodic. With the optical news, no testing is done. This type of report is recommended for those systems that were just recently tested. The periodic report involves inspection and testing of connections. An EICR determines the current condition of your electrical systems. It shows the electrical load—and if the system is overloaded, it shows what modifications in the type of equipment in service or the sizes of wires need to be implemented to accommodate the load. The test also checks for appropriate earthing and bonding. If there are broken lines, they will also be enumerated in the EICR. Recommendations are made to prevent electric shocks and fires. If you have a house or an apartment complex that you rent out, a commercial building, an industrial factory, or office or laboratory, then you need to get an EICR.

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