Increase the Work Efficiency of Your Electronic Gadgets with Trustworthy Electrical Installation Condition Report

One of the ways to ensure the safety of the home you are living in is to conduct an Electrical Installation Condition Report. This covers the testing and inspection of your home appliances, installations, and electrical circuits. Qualified electricians do this to look for any electrical problems, potential risks, defective electrical work, non-compliances, and other issues. This allows you to act on the existing and potential problems before they grow bigger and costlier to fix. This electrical report, though not a requirement, is recommended for all homeowners.

In fact, an electrical report is so important that it must be done every ten years for domestic properties, and every five years for commercial properties. The reason for this is the fact that electrical installations condition report as well as appliances become inefficient as they get older. You may think that they are functioning properly and are still in their best condition, but if you’ve been using them for years, then they have a greater risk of malfunctioning and causing electrical-related problems in your property.

Poor and old electrical wiring pose risk even to your smallest electronic gadgets. They can get damaged, overheat, or even cause a fire while they are plugged into the electrical outlet. Faulty electrical wiring can also cause electrical shocks. By keeping your electrical wiring at home in check, these risks can be minimised and avoided altogether. Moreover, you can ensure the work efficiency of your electronic gadgets and every item that need electricity at home.

Take note that only experienced electricians must conduct the EICR at your property to ensure quality inspections and accurate reports. One way to find out if the electrician or service provider you are choosing is qualified is to look for certifications from City and Guilds and registration with the Joint Industry Board.

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