Is Electrical Certificate and PAT Test Certificate The Same?

Staying safe in a building with every electrical equipment and installation intact is highly mandatory. For this, acquiring an electrical certificate is essential without a doubt. This will ensure that every kind of equipment is safe to operate. An electrical certificate can be attained through the Electrical Installation Condition Report. It is developed to classify hazardous faults, defects and safety problems. At the time of the completion of an EICR, the main electricity points of the properties should be disconnected. This is slightly similar to PAT testing that identifies the evaluation of all electrical equipment for ensuring users’ safety. Indeed, the London PAT testing companies come forward to justify the inspection process.

Landlords must acquire this PAT Test Certificate because this would guarantee that all the electrical equipment are in working condition. Taking note of the EICR test, the wiring within the building is tested thoroughly without fail. Indeed, in-depth checking is conducted for the equipment. On the other hand, PAT testing requires inspection of the entire building as compared to the equipment only in the electrical certificate. So, depending on the requirements, you can get the best facilities. Electronic equipment checking is a boon for everyone because it will ensure utmost safety.

If you are want tenants that stay for longer periods, it is essential to secure an electrical certificate. It is all about the safety of the people willing to reside in your property. So, it becomes your duty to ensure that everything in the apartment or building is properly functioning. Another purpose for doing so is to get excellent renting deals that work right for you as a landlord. After all, it is the matter of the tenants’ safety who will be using your property.


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