Keep Your Workplace Safe with Effective Fire Alarm Testing in the UK

Fire alarms are essential in every commercial and domestic property, as they will alert everyone of the situation and serve as a signal to evacuate the premises quickly. So, it makes a lot of sense to ensure that they are working well, especially during the most critical times. Fire alarm testing in the UK is mandatory and must be performed according to BS5839 and BS5839. These regulations for fire alarm systems and fire detection cover the maintenance and design commissioning for buildings. Just be sure that the testing is conducted only by a qualified electrician.

Fire alarm testing in the UK can be classified into different types, which will depend on the type and extent of your system. For instance, testing a Grade A fire alarm system will encompass the fire/smoke detectors and heat/fire detectors. The central control panel must be checked for maintenance. Manual call points are also inspected along with the fire alarm sounders. This test is usually meant for commercial settings, but it may be conducted in homes, particularly in a house of multiple occupancy or HMO. D Grade fire alarms are typically found in domestic type properties. They come in new builds, as required by law, with interlinked heat and smoke alarms via the mains, while being backed by battery power to make sure that they will still work, even in the event of a power outage.

Proper fire alarm testing in the UK is best left to the experts, but you should also do your part in ensuring that your system is working well. If you find anything wrong, take note of any defects and be sure to contact the right people to have them verified and repaired. A full test of your workplace’s fire alarm system should be conducted every six months. After the test, you will be given a fire alarm certificate.

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