Learn About the Advantages of Electrical Safety Certificate for Landlords

An Electrical Safety Certificate for Landlords is one of the certificates that you must earn to prove that your property is compliant with the law. This certificate is issued after inspection and tests by a qualified electrician. Most people confuse this certificate with an electrical report, but it is different. You only need an Electrical Safety Certificate for Landlords for new electrical installations, additional electrical work to an existing installation, and for rewires. Meanwhile, an electrical report is for an existing installation. 

Landlords need to secure this certificate because of the following reasons:

  • To find out if all electrical installations comply with the safety standards of BS 7671

Any property must be inspected to find out if the new, added, or altered electrical installations are designed and constructed correctly. An Electrical Safety Certificate for Landlord declares that the installations have been inspected and tested for safe usage. Failure to perform an initial inspection and failure to obtain this certificate may lead to costly repairs, injuries, and fire. 

  • To adhere to legal obligations as the landlord

An Electrical Safety Certificate for Landlord is one of the documents that the authorities check in case of fire and other electrical-related injuries in the property. If you can’t present this certificate or an electrical report, you may have to face legal and criminal offences. You may need to pay a hefty fine or even get imprisoned. Your tenants can also sue you if they prove that you are not complying.

  • Protect your valuable investment

One of the goals of electrical inspection is to help landlords spot faults and potential problems in the electrical work. That way, landlords can immediately address the issues before they began installing appliances and renting their property to tenants. Proper inspections can protect a landlord’s source of income from accidents, especially fire.

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