One of the causes of fire at home is faulty and old wiring. As per Government statistics, each year, on an average 10 people breathe their last breath and about 750 are seriously injured in accidents caused due to unsafe electrical installations in the home. So, do you need to have an electrical installation condition report? Well, yes. Even if you don’t mind being a victim, the government has set some guidelines for your safety that you will have to follow.

Electricity cannot be seen, it flows via cables, which are usually hidden under walls and inside cupboards. These cables and electrical installations tend to degrade over time. Switches and sockets may sustain damage and connections may become loose. As recommended by BS 7671: 2008 (Regulation 135.1), it is vital that every installation is periodically inspected in order to maximise the safety of its users. The Electricity at Work Regulation (1989) Regulation 4 (2) states: “As may be necessary to prevent danger, all systems shall be maintained so as to prevent danger, so far as reasonably practicable.”

However, currently there is no law which instructs that one must be in possession of an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), but it is advisable from a liability and safety perspective. If you are a residential or commercial rental property owner, you need to be extremely careful about this. If a person is harmed in any accident on your property due to faulty wirings or poor fittings, he/she can sue you. In a case of serious injury or death, you can be booked for negligence and failure to maintain the electrical integrity of your premises and can fall into much serious legal troubles.

So, the way out is Electrical Installation Condition Report, and as the name suggests, it’s an in-depth assessment of the electrical installation and internal wiring of the building. During the assessment, measurements and values are recorded in the report and appropriate recommendations, if required, are made for managing any deterioration or defects observed, so that any factor giving rise to a danger can be remedied.

Your safety is in your hands. Get an EICR today!

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