Shower Circuit

Trade Facilities Services can supply and fit your shower circuit complete which includes all pipe work from water mains, electrical connections from the consumer unit and sourcing the equipment for your budget. We only recommend the best materials within budget and our Electrician can assure you will be happy with your shower, associated pipework and electrical circuit on completion.

What your shower Circuit should have?

When installing a Shower circuit you must consider the type of shower you want and the power you wish it to generate before an electrician can evaluate what type and size of MCB he should use for the shower to conform to BS7671 electrical regulations. This is important as if the wrong size cable is used then the shower could burn’t out pretty quickly and a whole new circuit would have to be run in to ensure that the safety of the home is upto standards.

Shower Circuits must also have an RCD fitted into the the circuit as the shower will be in a high risk zone and the electricity must trip out within 0.4 seconds to ensure the safety for when there is a user of the equipment. Generally if there is not already a RCD fitted in the consumer unit then a RCD will be fitted in line with the circuit due to the cost that sometimes can be incurred when a shower circuit is being installed.

Installing s shower must only be done by a competent a qualified electrician to ensure your safety as the wrong circuit could cause serious injury or death if the correctly equipment has not been used, so do not try and do the work on the cheap as it is better to be safe rather than suffer the consequences of poor workmanship later on down the line and remember always get a electrical installation certificate.

The Cost of a new electric shower can vary quite a lot depending on materials and type of shower required. Speak to our office and let us know your needs for your new electric shower installation so that we can provide the best possible quote.

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