Tips for Finding the Best Electrical Installation in London

Whether it is time to have an old building’s electrical system replaced due to deterioration or new construction requires electrical installation before work can move forward, London property owners owe it to themselves to exercise caution when making the selection. London is home to exceptional electrical contractors, but some background vetting is in order to ensure a reputable hire is made.

Finding the right professional or company to work with for electrical installation in London is important for ensuring high quality work. This, in turn, is simply critical for safeguarding the property and the people who will use it. Cutting corners on an electrical installation may lead to shock and fire hazards down the road. These tips can help property owners find the best electrical installation in London to meet their residential or commercial needs:

  • Seek out experience – Providing the installation of a complete electrical system for a home or building goes well beyond changing out a frayed wire. It is often best to seek out companies staffed by professionals with extensive experience in wiring, rewiring, fuse board installation and other related services. Some of the most knowledgeable contractors also provide emergency services and are equipped to provide electrical testing, as well.
  • Do not cut corners on certification – Electricians are required to complete certain courses and attain certifications by such awarding organisations as City and Guilds and EAL based on National Occupational Standards. The main qualifications property owners should ask about include level 3 diplomas in electrotechnical services, installing electrotechnical systems and equipment, and electrical installations.
  • Be mindful of other services provided – Some full-service electrical contractors are also positioned to provide clients with a line-up of inspection services. Whilst inspection services are not directly connected to a company’s ability to perform an install, they speak volumes about a company’s knowledge related to compliance issues.
  • Consider pricing – Only after all qualification concerns have been addressed should property owners consider any quotes provided.

Finding a reputable electrical installation provider in London may require some time to vet backgrounds. Taking the time to do so, however, can pay off with expertise that can safeguard property and people from potential hazards.

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