Uses of Emergency Light Testing in London and Essex

Emergency lighting is designed to provide the much-needed illumination during an emergency situation. This system will automatically turn on when the main power supply cannot provide power to the regular lights in a building. Emergency lighting is actually divided into two types: emergency escape lighting and standby lighting. The former system is installed in exit or escape routes to provide illumination to people vacating the building. The latter system, meanwhile, is designed to ensure continuous operation or normal activities. It goes without saying that an emergency light test should be carried out to safeguard the health and safety of the people in the building as well as the security of the property.

According to the Fire Safety Order 2005, the person or entity that owns the building or the person who has control over the premises is responsible for testing its emergency lighting system. These tests should be done monthly and annually using either automatic testing systems or manual methods. Aside from this, the owners are also required to keep the records of their Emergency Light Certificate where the details and the dates of the periodic inspections are indicated.

Emergency light testing in London is necessary to determine the current condition of the emergency lighting system and to identify problems or potential issues such as damage, deterioration, and defects. During inspection, you can get recommendations from professional electrical contractors on how to improve or fix the emergency lighting system. Regular testing and compliance ultimately ensures that the emergency lighting system will work properly, especially in case of fire, loss of power, and other emergency situations.

Emergency light tests vary in terms of duration. Weekly inspection includes checking of LED lights (to see if they will turn on upon switching). Monthly inspections include checking if the lights will stay on after discharging the batteries. These procedures are best carried out by professional electrical contractors because it involves wiring and electricity. For fast and quality service, choose a company in London or Essex that can provide a qualified electrician within an hour of request.

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