What is the Importance of Emergency Light Testing on a Regular Basis?

Every employer or commercial property owner has the legal responsibility to ensure that their premises are safe for their staff and customers. Doing emergency light testing is one way to guarantee their compliance with applicable regulations.

Emergency lights are lighting devices that automatically provide illumination when the mains power supply is cut. They are some of the most important systems in any property because they allow work continuity as well as the safe evacuation of people in case of fire and earthquake. This explains why emergency light testing should be done routinely. If you are an employer or an owner of a building, this test is certainly something that you should do monthly and annually.

Make sure that all emergency lights will operate during a crisis

Your emergency lights deteriorate over time even if you are not using them. It is important to do emergency light testing to see if the battery needs changing and detect any signs of wear and tear. The tests can also ensure that the emergency lighting in your office will do what they are designed to do—and that is to save lives.

Comply with the UK Safety Standards

Non-compliance with the British Standards BS 5266-1:2016 and BS EN 50172 is punishable by law. You may be fined with a hefty amount and even face criminal charges if you fail to fulfil your obligations. The records of your emergency light tests monthly and annually will prove that you adhere to the regulations.

Minimise liability

Malfunctioning emergency light fixtures will make it hard for people to evacuate safely out of the building during an emergency. This can lead to accidents and injuries. Moreover, you may also face legal problems with people making claims against the building’s insurance policy. In case of serious injury or death, you may even end up in a criminal court.

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