Avoid the Major Risks of Fire and Electric Shocks through Reliable Electrical Testing

The increase in electrical-related incidents caused by appliances and faulty wirings make electrical testing so important. Landlords and homeowners should not neglect the possibility of fire and electrical shocks in their properties, which ultimately affect not only their buildings but also the people living under their roofs. Securing comprehensive electrical reports regularly is indeed the best way to avoid those accidents, safeguard the residents, and protect valuable investments.

Many property owners are aware of the importance of regular electrical testing but don’t quite know how to assess the qualifications and experiences of electricians or companies that offer this service. With so many rouge electricians pretending to be the best in the field, how do you make sure that you are hiring the right one? Here are some tips.

Verify the contractor or electrician’s registration

Stay clear of those electricians who are not registered or accredited. One of the easiest ways to verify the qualification of a prospective service provider is to visit government websites that list registered companies and electricians.

Look for a government-endorsed contractor

A lot of registered companies can give you a low price, but only those that are endorsed by the government can guarantee reliable and accurate electrical testing. You can ensure that they are following the standards of inspecting fixed wires and appliances.

Opt for NICEIC and NAPIT accredited service providers

NICEIC and NAPIT are electrical regulatory bodies that provide accreditation only to those that can pass their strict standards. Service providers or electricians have different levels of accreditations, depending on their qualification and experience not just in electrical testing but also in other types of electrical safety reports.

Review electrical testing costs

As the property owner, you want to make sure that you will get the best value for your money. Aside from the qualification of the electricians, it is also prudent to check their rates. Reputable electricians offer their services at a reasonable cost while ensuring high quality and thorough inspection.

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