Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate Legal Requirements for Landlords 2022

Since July 2020, the electrical safety report, also known as an Electrical installation condition report or EICR are now a key part of electrical safety, now a key part of electrical safety. Landlords have the responsibility to ensure that a tenanted property has an electrical safety certificate demonstrating electrical safety standards compliance and is thus safe to use by its tenants. There will be a legal onus on all landlords to have this electrical installation certificate in place. They will have to be able to provide this to the tenant, managing agent or local authority within 30 days should they ask. The government has also laid down the law that all existing tenancies would require an EICR report by April 2021.

Who should undertake the test and what does it demonstrate?

The periodic inspection can only be undertaken by a NIC EIC approved contractor. A landlord’s electrical safety certificate proves the property has been thoroughly checked by a qualified electrician. It confirms that:

• No potential safety risks were identified

• Electrical works meet regulatory standards

• There are no electrical circuits or equipment that is overloaded or at risk of overheating

• Earthing and bonding have been performed on all electrical installations

Ensuring that all of your electrical installations are safe

Electrical equipment should be kept safe, this includes all portable appliances. also known as non-white goods. The best thing for this is a portable appliance test. Most electricians can carry this out. Below is a small list for an example.

White Goods include;

  • Washing Machine,
  • Cooker,
  • Oven,
  • Hob,
  • Toaster,
  • Kettle
  • Fridge

In Scotland it had already been made law to provide EICR reports for tenants, this is to prove that the property is safe. With the laws changing in England regarding (EICR) electrical installation condition reports, be sure not to get caught out and get the advice required as soon as possible. If you do not get this in place you could be placed in trouble if caught out.

When do you need an Electrical Installation Condition Report?

If you do not have the correct ( EICR ) electrical condition report,  in place for new tenancies from April 2020 and existing tenancies in April 2021, the government can impose large fines and possible prison sentences.  If you want some advice on your current situation, there are several places you can look for advice. You can check out the you gov website, speak to us or you can call your managing agent.

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    Electrical Installation Legal Requirements in England and Wales:

    The EICR legal requirements in England and Wales and slightly gray to some people, the law provides electrical certificates for landlords to prove, new equipment is safe to use. This said there is no legal requirement to have this regularly inspected.

    However; there is many different bits of legislation that say otherwise. This is especially highlighted if there is faulty electrics in a property. The landlord and tenant puts the onus on landlords, to provide safe and working electrical equipment. This also ensures that Landlords should respond to repairs and maintenance issues.

    EICR reports have also become more of a standard, with Landlord insurance. They request this to ensure that the tenant will be at no risk of the electrics.

    Be legally compliant with Landlord EICR Report costs from £79

      • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) Garage & Outbuildings £79 Inc VAT
      • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) Studio & 1 Bed £99 Inc VAT
      • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) and PAT (Studio & 1 Bed) £139 Inc VAT
      • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) (2-3 Bed) £129.
      • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) and PAT (2-3 Bed) £169
      • Commercial EICR (Call to Confirm).

    Prices include up to 12 circuits and 10 appliances per property 

    Prices are inclusive of VAT (rate of 20%)

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