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Electrical Safety testing for portable appliances (PAT Testing) should be carried out on all appliances. The word portable can sometimes be misleading. These appliances will include, Ovens, Hobs, Hand Dryers and many other fixed appliances. PAT Testing covers all industries including domestic, industrial and commercial properties. If you are a Landlord you should also think about PAT Testing the appliances you supply for your tenant, these will be your responsibility.

Health and Safety procedures include PAT Testing, and should always be part of you health and safety procedure. The Health and safety at works act(1974) requires you to implement a maintenance program. This program should include the inspection and testing of appliances. An obligation is put in place under the following circumstances;


  • Employees use appliances.
  • The Public use Appliances.
  • Hired electrical equipment
  • Repaired and services appliances.

After PAT Testing the portable appliances should have the annual retest date on them. This helps to remember the last test date, and to ensure the next one is complete. This is good practice for your customers, employees and you.

PAT testing for integrated portable appliances will usually be tested by a Earth Test, and Visual. This is because they cant always be tested.

Below is a list where PAT Testing is usually carried out;

  • Landlords Properties.
  • Tenanted Properties.
  • Shops.
  • Offices.
  • Commercial Premises.
  • Industrial Premises.
  • Within the workplace; where electrical appliances are supplied.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) is currently not considered a legal requirement. This said; there is a high chance that this will change in the future.

The Electricity at Works Act, Highlights the importance of “maintenance and regular testing” of portable appliances. The Electricity at Works Act is also backed up by health and safety at work act 1974. With these 2 documents it clearly places a duty of care on the supplier of the portable equipment. It explains that the duty is placed on both the employee and employer. This is to ensure a safe place of work. Always ensure that records and certificates are kept. This shows that you are carrying out your regular maintenance and testing of your portable appliances. This will help you should an accident arise under your duty of care.

It should be noted that a PAT Test is required with most councils. When a private landlord is renting a furnished property. This is also becoming the case; with more insurance companies: as they look to make sure; most properties they are insuring are safe.

Current Offer: All appliances tested in a rented property for £75!

Portable appliance Testing costs:

1-20 items £75.
20-40 items £95.
Each item over 40. £1.20.
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Who should carry out my PAT Testing?

It is said that a short course can qualify you to carry a PAT Test. This being said; we still recommend you use an electrician; who is registered with either the NICEIC or NAPIT.

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