Electrical Rewire Cost and Rewiring Certification

Electrical rewires can be a time consuming and expensive product. With Trade Facilities Services; we try to not make this the case. All our engineers are qualified; and NICEIC registered. We have provided some research below for you;

What Is A House Rewire?

A electrical rewire; replaces some or all of the electrical wiring. this includes its accessories which can be lights; switches; sockets; and the Fuse board in a property

How Often should a electrical Rewire Be Done?

There is no specific answer; that’s why we suggest having a electrical inspection done on the property before considering a full rewire. Below is a guideline:

  • The average electrical rewire is said to be about every 25 years; although some houses have not been done for a lot longer.
  • A specific problem to the electrics will not generally require a full rewire.
  • Only when you have out of date types of wiring; for instance rubber insulated wiring. Rubber insulated wiring shows the wiring is old and not been used in the UK since the early 60’s.
  • When a series of  common problems keep occurring; which shows a fault to the system. These include constantly tripping RCD’s and fuses blowing.
  • An electrical installation test is unsatisfactory; and says that a rewire is needed. Electricians can carry out an inspection of a house to assess the state of the wiring; if the inspection fails a rewire may be needed.

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    How much does a house rewire Cost?

    Trade Certificates offer a guide line price of £3500 for a 3 bedroom house rewire. The rewire takes about one week to complete; and does not include plastering the walls. A one-bedroom flat can cost around £2500 and a 2 bedroom house about £3000. This is all dependent on the types of fixtures and fittings that you require.

    Below we have broken down point by point so you can roughly estimate the cost of your rewire:

    • Consumer Unit £450.
    • Earth Bonding £350.
    • Socket per Point £65.
    • Standard light per point £70.
    • Spot lights first point £45 additional £30 each (If the lights require multiple switches in a room add a further £20 per switch)
    • Extractor Fan £250.
    • External Lights (£100).
    • External Socket (£100).
    • Shower Circuit £350.
    • Cooker Circuit £150.
    • Spur for heating, fridge, freezer and other accessories £70.

    These are an indication of prices; and can sometimes vary due to the price of materials. But you should be looking at around these figures for your rewire; and all prices above include materials.

    Trade Facilities Services recommends that someone who is seeking a house rewire should get at least 3 quotes. the quote should include exactly what the electrician is providing and whether or not building works and moving furniture is involved?

    For more information on our electricians and rewire prices; please contact us.

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