Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

Electrical Installation Condition Report from £99

What is an EICR report?

Electrical Installation condition reports (EICR) are provided as an official document given after an assessment by a qualified engineer or electrician. The assessment is based on the quality of your electrical installation, the electrics and cables will deteriorate over time. An electrical installation condition reports should be carried out regularly and in accordance with BS7671. The average time given in BS7671 is 5 Years athoough this time is recommend and generally only given if the installation in good condition and is rented accommodation.

The periodic inspection report (the old version of the EICR) will notify about the status of the EICR. This will either be Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. This will be based the condition of the installation. All defaults are usually noted on page 2 of the electrical installation condition report, all defaults on the electrical installation report can be explained at much more detail by our qualified engineers (Electricians) if required.

A Electrical installation condition report (EICR) , will tell you the following:

  • If the electrical circuits are of good condition and safe to use
  • Whether or not there is risk of electric shock
  • Any defective electrical work been installed
  • Recommendations for the earthing within the building
  • An inspection of the condition of the consumer unit

Trade Facilities Services provide all electrical reports across the board, these include, but are not subject to electrical installation condition reports, Fire Alarm Reports, Emergency Light Reports and PAT Testing. We cover all domestic, industrial and commercial buildings Our mission to to supply a quality service whilst being competitive on price.

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EICR Certificates and Reports starting from £99 inc VAT!





  • Commercial EICR (Call to Confirm).

Prices include up to 12 circuits per property, and 10 appliances

Prices are exclusive of VAT (rate of 20%)

Electrical Testing

Electrical Testing is also carried out on wiring and fixed electrical items to ensure that they are safe. A schedule of circuits can also be provided which can be a great asset to a property.

What type electrical installation Condition report (EICR) do I need?

There is only 1 type of EICR reports but they have been confused due to so many names. Below is a list for all the different names for EICR Report

  • A Visual condition report – Only a visual inspection not a full EICR
  • Periodic inspection reports – An old version of the report
  • Electrical Installation Certificate – This is when you have a new circuit or full installation fitted
  • Electrical Safety Certificate – This effectively does not exist but people use this term

The primary purpose of an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) and when they should be done?

The primary purpose of the report is to ensure the safety of people, property and livestock at the premises of the electrical installation. It is advised that a EICR report should be carried out at regular intervals, the intervals are dependent on the type of installation.

  • Type of property – Different properties have different periods of time for a Electrical installation Condition Report, DOmestic properties are 5 years and swimming pools are annually for instance.
  • Environmental Conditions such as areas with water are likely to be more regular like a swimming pool
  • If a instasllation is being misused it will be recommended that the EICR is done more regularly.
  • Change in usage of the domestic premises.  This could be a change of occupancy in rental properties, or the property being prepared to be sold, or the property being purchased.  It is highly recommended that an EICR is carried out with each alteration of occupancy in rental properties to confirm the property remains electrically safe.  Equally, requesting an EICR on a property that is being purchased is the best way to find out if work needs to be carried out on the electrical system.
  • Any concerns the householder has about the condition of their electrical installation.

How often should you carry out a EICR report?

The IEE recommend the following maximum periods of time between inspections and testing: Although the electrician will decide the time on your last EICR:

  • Private Domestic Installations should be tested every 10 years or change of occupancy.
  • Rented Domestic Installations should be tested every 5 years or change of occupancy.
  • Commercial Installations require testing 5 years or change of occupancy.
  • Industrial Installations are required to be tested 3 years or a change of occupancy.

Our EICR Report To-Do checklist?

Here is a list of things “we recommend” you do before a Trade Facilities Services “electrician” attends. Following the below steps will prepare the property is ready for a full inspection by your electrician.

  • The electrician requires full access to the consumer Items must be removed prior to conducting the eicr. This might otherwise cause delays and can lead to extra charges.
  • Let us know prior if we need ladders to access the consumer unit / Fuse Board.
  • Check to make sure your electrical system is energized and not been switched of by the main supplier.
  • Let us know if there is broken fixtures and fittings so we can bring some along, this may stop us from providing a unsatisfactory EICR report.
  • Unplug all equipment before the test. For E.g.: TV’s, Fridge Freezers and Washing Machines.
  • Make sure the consumer unit is correctly labelled, this could result in a fail if this is not done.
  • A Full test is not always carried when the above is not followed, this will not always result in a unsatisfactory EICR Report though
  • Provide any previous EICR reports

Electrical certificates Prices from £90!

    • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)  (1-3 Bed) £99 Inc VAT
    • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) and PAT (1-3 Bed) £129 Inc VAT
    • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) (4 Bed) £129.
    • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) and PAT (4 Bed) £169
    • Commercial EICR (Call to Confirm).

Prices include up to 12 circuits and 10 appliances per property 

Prices are exclusive of VAT (rate of 20%)

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