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Consumer Unit

Having a new consumer unit installed can be a big job. It is not always the case; but can cause a lot of disruption. This is usually the case in commercial properties. Thats why we work out of hours; as it gives the best options for our clients

What you must know about your new Consumer Unit.

You have made the decision to replace your old Consumer Unit, it is important to ensure that this job is completed by a competent electrician and that it is installed and compliant with BS7671.

Think of your Fuse Board as the main hub of your home – it’s the ‘thinking centre’ to all electrical aspects in your home. If the job is carried out incorrectly, your home will be in a dangerous condition and your family is then at risk from electrical harm.

Trade Certificates will outline the main reasons why you may need or want your old consumer unit replacement to a new 17th Edition Consumer Unit:

  • You are having some other electrical work carried out and need to comply with the regulations.
  • Your old Consumer Unit is overloaded and starting to cause problems for the remainder of the installation.
  • Your wiring installation is in poor condition but you cannot afford a rewire, changing to a 17th Edition Consumer Unit will offer some protection.


Your new Consumer Unit and electrical certificate

The Electrician who carries out the installation of your Fuse Board should also issue the electrical certificate. BEWARE some ‘electricians’ employ someone else to issue the electrical installation certificate. This practice is NOT APPROVED and means your electrician is not Part P compliant.

So having obtained a quote from a genuine electrician, you might be wondering how they arrive at the cost.

If you want more information about or require an electrician contact us or follow the link. If you want more information about electrics then the IET is the best place to start.

If you have had an installation; of a new consumer unit; but not had a EICR certificate. You may want to also give us a call; so we can carry out a EICR Report; to ensure the installation was done correctly.

New Consumer Unit Prices 

New Consumer units start from £350, this inlcudes upto 8 Circuits. For an accurate price please call us on 02036371446

If you require a EICR Report please see the prices below

EICR Certificate and Costs.

Electrical Certificate (EICR) (Studio) £90.
Electrical Certificate (EICR) (1 Bed) £90.
Electrical Certificate (EICR) (2 Bed) £100.
Electrical Certificate (EICR) (3 Bed) £110.
Electrical Certificate (EICR) (4 Bed) £130.
Fire Alarm Inspection £80 /zone.
Emergency Lighting Certificate £80.

Commercial EICR  (Call to Confirm).

If you do not have time to call; fill in our Contact us form for your electrical installation condition report. We will call you back at a convenient time for you.