Benefits of Electrical Certificate of Compliance in the UK

An Electrical Certificate of Compliance in UK is awarded for any building or home passing a safety and compliance check for all electrical installations in a home or facility. By law, it is prescribed that homes and buildings go through a thorough inspection of their built in electrical systems every 3 to 5 years and be recertified to ensure that they meet government regulations. These electrical safety checks ensure that your building’s electrical systems are kept up to code and running in top condition to protect yourself, your tenants, and properties from any incidents resulting from electrical faults. Such incidents may include electrocution from exposed wiring, explosions due to short circuits, damage to appliances and equipment due to overloads or short circuits, risk of fire, and potential personal injury or even death related to any of these incidents.

Certified electricians and inspectors carry out the on-site visual inspections and generate what is called an ‘electrical installation condition report.’ This report shows if electrical circuits or equipment are properly installed and in good condition, brings attention to potential electric shock risks or fire hazards, and pinpoints any defective or faulty electrical work.

For landlords, having a certificate of compliance ensures that the rental home or facility meets government prescribed guidelines for electrical safety. This gives possible tenants confidence and peace of mind, which will be good for business.

Stiff fines may be imposed to responsible landlords or homeowners for violations of these electrical safety rules in the unfortunate event of an incident involving an electrical failure. A court can charge a responsible landlord with six months’ imprisonment and additional criminal charges for the offender in the event of an electrical incident that leads to personal injury or worse, death. This highlights the benefit of regular checks and certification of compliance for electrical safety as it prevents accidents and other unfortunate incidents.

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