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Electrical Installation Condition Report Test Procedure explained

It’s a harsh reality of life that not every Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is satisfactory. In our experience about 50% of the EICRs we undertake have some degree of potentially dangerous issue that will need to be addressed. However, don’t panic! All is not lost. We can help you achieve electrical compliance in normally a short space of time as part of the remedial electrical work services that we offer.

What if my report is unsatisfactory?

Whether you have had your EICR completed and require electrical remedial repair work or yet to have your EICR completed, we would be happy to provide you a quotation for works or to conduct the required testing, to ensure your building remains compliant with your legal obligations and current regulations.

How do I know if my report recommends remedial work?

Once you have received your Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), under the OBSERVATIONS and RECOMMENDATIONS section of your report, it may contain one or more of the following codes:

  • Code C1 Fault – This means that there is an immediate danger and requires urgent attention and repair as soon as possible
  • Code C2 Fault – This means there is a potential danger and is in an unsatisfactory condition which requires attention
  • Code C3 Fault – This means that a fault has been observed and there are recommended improvements that can be made
  • FI – (Further Investigation Required without delay)

Depending on Engineer’s observations, your EICR will either be “SATISFACTORY” or “UNSATISFACTORY”. If your EICR is UNSATISFACTORY, it means the electrical installation has a high risk of danger to yourself, tenants or your employees.

It is vital that these issues are resolved. Until the remedial work is completed, your installation will not be compliant with Health and Safety regulations and legislation.

How soon do I need the remedial work to be carried out?

Your electrical safety is paramount to us. The likelihood is that if you’re present on site we will endeavour to let you know about any issues identified in the Electrical Installation Condition Report there and then.

However, there will be occasions where this isn’t possible but again we will contact you straight away to let you know how we can be of service to remedy the issues highlighted in the report.

In the event of a C1, (see below for more details) we normally offer to make the remedial action immediately on your sanction. If the work falls under the C2 category then we will offer to undertake the work within 2 weeks. If you have any C3 recommendations then these are advisory only so we would strongly suggest you consider them but you aren’t obliged to undertake these actions.

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    Most common remedial electrical work required after an Electrical Installation Condition Report

    Electrical Remedial or Minor Works Can Include:

    • Repairs to electrical installation following an Electrical Installation Condition Report (Fixed Wire Test)
    • Replacement of electrical installation where damage has occurred
    • Replacement of small power (sockets) that are old or damaged
    • Replacement of failing emergency light systems
    • Replacement of lighting including LED

    Electrical remedial repairs we provide

    • New Consumer Unit Repairs
    • Electrical Rewire Remedials

    • Extra Sockets Installation

    • Electric Shower Repairs

    • Earth Bonding Remedials

    • Spot Light Repairs

    • Outside Socket and Lighting Repairs

    • Home Alarm Repairs

    • Fire Alarm Remedials

    • Emergency Light Repairs

    Do I need a new EICR after remedial work?

      • No. When you have the remedial work undertaken, ensure that all the certification is present and keep this with the existing Electrical Installation Condition report EICR. It is essential to have all the documentation in the same place so that you provide evidence in the event of you needing to prove that all of the remedial work has been undertaken to demonstrate the installation’s electrical safety compliance.

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