Emergency Light Testing – How It Works?

Emergency light testing must be regularly done to ensure that all emergency lights in your home or building will work especially during times of power loss and fire. After all, emergency escape lighting and standby lighting can be lifesavers. They are designed to automatically come on when the main power supply fails. Their failure during the most crucial times could lead to serious problems like injury and even death. Emergency light testing can also check for proper placement and position. These lighting systems must be strategically installed so that they illuminate exit routes. Properly installed emergency lights can ensure the safety of people while evacuating.

Do note that emergency light testing must be done monthly and annually.

  • Monthly: All luminaires and signs must be switched on to check if they are clean and functioning correctly.
  • Annual: The main lights powered by the main power supply must be turned off to determine if the emergency lights will work for 3 hours.

Emergency lighting systems that run on central backup battery systems must likewise be visually inspected daily. The goal of this inspection is to find signs of wear on the central power supply. Daily inspection is not required for emergency lighting with self-contained backup batteries.

Installing emergency lights and conducting emergency lighting testing are both mandated by UK law. According to the Fire Safety Order 2005, the owner of the property or anyone who is authorised to oversee the building premises is responsible for doing an emergency light testing using their automatic testing systems. They may also do the tests manually. Every time they do the emergency light testing, they must record results on a log book. They should also keep their Emergency Light Certificate.

Without a copy of recorded emergency light tests or an Emergency Light Certificate, property owners may be fined by the authorities. They may also face a more serious problem if non-compliance causes a fire and or accident in the property.

If you want to check if your emergency lighting system remains at full operational status, hire an electrician to perform the tests. A qualified and experienced electrician can provide in-depth inspection services, determining existing and potential issues in your emergency lights.

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