Keep Your Rental Premises Safe and Secure with Electrical Safety Certificate for Landlord

Owning a rental property can be a lucrative source of supplemental income. With it, however, comes many obligations, especially when it comes to the health and safety of your property. Landlords must be well versed in these safety regulations, one of the most critical being electrical safety. The toll for deaths and accidents relating to electrical safety emergencies in the UK number at least 30 (deaths) and 4,000 (injuries) on an annual basis. With these statistics, electrical safety failures are a real and present danger in any property, which is why it is important to secure the right electrical certificates for landlords to protect your property, tenants, as well as your finances from the impact of electrical safety emergencies.

According to law, landlords must make sure that all appliances and electrical installations within their property are safe. According to best practices, all electrical installations, including light fittings, sockets, and the like must be safe during move-in and throughout the duration of a renter’s tenancy. Best practices also dictate that all electrical appliances like washing machines, cookers, and other portable units should be saved and have the CE marking, at the very least. Houses in Multiple Occupation or HMOs must be inspected and tested for electrical safety at least every five years. Securing the right electrical certificate for landlords will protect your property and your tenants from the potential hazards that electrical safety emergencies bring.

Failure to secure a landlord electrical certificate has its legal and financial consequences. When your property is found unsafe by electrical safety standards, you could face fines and penalties, ranging from a £5 000 fine (at least), six months of imprisonment, invalidated property insurance, and potential criminal charges should the electrical safety failure cause injury or death. This is why it is in a landlord’s and property owner’s best interest to secure the right electrical certificates. 

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