What is the Primary Cost of Electrical Condition Report in the UK

An electrical condition report in the UK is a required due diligence for ensuring the safety of any domestic or commercial property. Often referred to as homebuyers test or landlord safety test, this periodic inspection isn’t a legal requirement per-se, but many legal documents include EICR as a required documentation to satisfy their standards. It also serves as protection for landlords, if they face prosecution due to electricity-related accidents in the property premises. Unawareness of the condition of your electrical installations isn’t a suitable defence in such a case. Your local council will likely insist on an electrical condition report in UK for the purpose of licensing the rental property. An EICR, therefore, is a practical investment that can protect you from prosecution and unnecessary financial loss.

Many insurance providers also require an electrical condition report in UK before they provide coverage. This is to make certain that there wasn’t neglect on your part when it comes to maintaining the safety condition of your property. Having an electrical inspection carried out is a small price to pay than being responsible for a larger sum of damage if accidents happen.

The cost of electrical condition report in UK varies across the board, depending on the extent of the inspection as well as the service provider you are contracting to do the work. Costs could also add up if they discover issues that need immediate action or repair. A typical household with three bedrooms would cost around £180, excluding VAT for an in-depth inspection. Complete electrical inspections often take some 5 hours to complete. The rate for commercial properties also varies widely, but generally costs around £15 to £20 per circuit tested, excluding VAT. Expect to pay more for additional repairs and remedial works that may need to be carried out to ensure the electrical safety of your property.

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