Why PAT Test Certificate Are Important

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is a policy in which routine safety inspection and analyses are performed on electrical appliances in the UK. It is a quite necessary safety regulation to protect any person, worker, or tenant who comes into contact with portable electrical devices from the risk of injury. From a small firm to large organizations, competent and certified electrician can perform the PAT Testing and check on a variety of appliances using PAT testers. After a full visual and in-depth inspection, the specialist will issue a PAT test certificate, ensuring the successful completion of the investigation. These PAT certificates make it clear that the company is compatible with safety regulations and free from any defect. The certificate gives the company or person the added security of knowing that precautions are made for the safety of electrical equipment.

Importance of PAT Tests and Certificates

London PAT testing covers all industries, domestic and commercial properties. Although PAT isn’t legally binding, yet the certificates are required by many types of the council like private landlords, insurance companies, business firms, etc. The PAT certificates are evidence that needed tests are taken, and they are going to serve in the following aspects-

  1.    Health and Safe Recommendation

The PAT type of testing is done to safeguard people using various electrical appliances within a work office or in commercial buildings, retail shops, or tenanted residential premises. While undergoing a PAT test, a licensed electrician performs a visual inspection of appliances, checks for any faulty wiring or issues in the earthing system, and makes sure equipment is in good working condition. The testing of the portable appliance in London includes earth continuity, frayed wires, first polarity, and insulation resistance tests.

  1.    Prevent and reduce the risk 

The aim is to curb and curtail the dangers attributed to electrical fires and shock hazards that defective electrical appliances may pose. It prevents property loss that you may suffer due to faulty appliances. Although not precisely mentioned by law, PAT testing is referred to as a part of many different acts. This limited reference is sufficient to consider annual inspections as a vital part of the maintenance schedule for almost any kind of building. 

PAT testing certificates are clear proofs given to business owners after portable appliances are successfully tested. The PAT test is a fast and straightforward process wherein results show if the appliance has passed or failed. The records of PAT outcomes help to decide the next course of action and repair the appliance. The main motive of the testing certificate is to confirm that things are safe to use and won’t hurt anyone.


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