Advantages of Periodic Inspection Report

Old and incorrectly installed electrical systems are a danger to the general public. In fact, a large majority of fire accidents are caused by faulty outlets or appliances. Statistics even show that one person dies every week and more than 1,000 people get injured in the UK because of electricity-related mishaps. For this reason, the government imposes laws that require periodic electrical installation maintenance to ensure safety and avoid further electrical problems. If you are a landlord or a property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that the electrical certificate in your premises are periodically inspected.

What is a periodic inspection report? This is one type of EICR report that includes both inspections and testing of existing electrical installations. It is done to determine if the system is still suitable for use, as well as to reveal any issues that need fixing. The other type of EICR report is called visual condition report, which is only for recently tested electrical installation and does not include testing.

Getting a periodic inspection report is an absolute must for landlords and owners of commercial establishments. There are many advantages to conducting periodic inspections:

  • Compliance to the 7671 – Regular inspections allow you to comply with the law and avoid legal penalties such as a £5,000 fine or 6-month imprisonment.
  • Property and life safety -The primary benefit of fire inspection and certification is the preservation of life and property. As an owner, it is your responsibility that those who reside in your building or those who are working in your establishment are in a safe environment.
  • Cheaper utility cost – Maintenance and early detection of defective electrical work can save you money in the long run. With preventative measures, you don’t have to spend a thousand pounds to fix the wiring or the whole electrical installation. You will save even more if you are wise in choosing a certified right electrician who is authorized to provide the certifications you need.

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