Choose Qualified Electricians to Get Reliable EICR report for Your Appliances

An EICR or Electrical Installation Condition Report is an essential record that a property owner needs to ensure that all the wiring connections satisfy applicable standards. It is especially crucial for older houses, where building electricals are a few years old.

There are two types of EICR: a visual report and a periodic inspection report. The visual report does not include actual testing. This one is done only when the connections were just recently tested. The periodic inspection report, on the other hand, involves visual and real testing of all electrical wirings and equipment.

Securing an EICR is very important for a landlord because as a property owner, it’s your responsibility to provide safe living and working conditions for your tenants. That is why only qualified electricians should conduct EICR reports for your appliances. The methods used by the electrician should be aligned with the principles stated in the latest edition of BS 7671 or BS Standard on Requirements for Electrical Installations.

An EICR report is required to assess the condition of the building or resident home completely. The owner will then use this report to create a maintenance program. Electrical installations include systems that run into gas and water devices, like propane gas water heaters. Proper installation and maintenance are absolutely critical for all these systems to prevent human injuries and property damage.

Presence of adequate earthing or bonding is also checked. Without these connection lines, the property residents may sustain electric shocks when they touch the metal cases or coverings of their electric appliances.

It’s essential to hire electricians who have extensive experience in producing EICR reports so that you can get the evaluation that you need for your property. Be sure to retain the services of reputable and trusted providers of electrical safety certificates who deal with landlords of properties in the UK.

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