Find an Accurate and Effective EICR Report by Experienced Electrician

It is natural for electrical installations to deteriorate and become inefficient with time. So, it makes sense to have them inspected and tested every three to five years to ensure that they are still safe and capable of performing at their best. An electrical installation condition report will be provided after the periodic safety check, and it will reveal if there are any overloaded electrical appliances or circuits, fire hazards or any risk of electric shocks, defective electrical work, and the absence of bonding or earthing. Only registered electricians with the knowledge and experience in electrical inspection and testing are qualified to deliver the service and provide the EICR.

An accurate EICR or electrical certificate will tell you if an electrical installation is unsatisfactory or satisfactory. The results of testing will depend on the condition of the installation, and if you have any questions, the electrician will be happy to answer and clarify them with you. Testing may be conducted on fixed electrical items and wiring to ensure their safety, and together with the report, the schedule of circuits may be provided to you, in case you will need it someday.

Ideally, the electrical installation condition report should be conducted with a testing process for all electric installations, so any hidden damage can be found and reported. However, there is another type of EICR, which is the visual condition report. Unlike periodic inspection reports, this EICR skips testing, but it is only advisable if you have had a test conducted recently. You may need the report if you need to show proof of the safety of electrical installations on your property. To ensure the accuracy of the EICR, you must only hire some every 10 years for domestic installations or when there is a change of occupancy, and every five years for commercial installations.

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