How UK Electrical Certification Ensures the Safety of an Electrical Installation

The UK electrical certification involves a thorough check-up of electrical installations in your property. If you own an HMO or Houses in Multiple Occupation, then you are legally required to obtain a landlord electrical certificate and renew it every five years. If you own a single letting property, then it is still highly recommended because it helps ensure that your rental property and all the appliances you provide are safe to use. If you don’t have a rental property but you do own your home, you are advised to secure a UK electrical certification every 10 years according to BS 7671.

You may be wondering: What are some of the tests carried out during the UK electrical certification? And how do they ensure safety?

Inspecting electrical circuits for overloading

Overloading happens when the circuit is made to handle more than it is designed for. This will cause the wiring to overheat and the circuit breaker to shut the power off. Some of the signs of overloading are dimming lights, burning odour from switches      and warm outlets.

Checking quality standards

The primary job of an electrician is to see if your existing electrical installations match safety standards. This will include the new installation, alteration, or addition that you have made.

Reporting electrical issues

All the issues found in your electrical installation are graded according to the importance of the work and must be included in the EICR. By reporting the issues, the owners can take action right away and avoid further property damage and injury. The codes are categorized to show the severity of the problem and are interpreted this way:

C1: Immediate Danger – The likelihood of injury is high and IMMEDIATE action is required to be taken by the owner.

C2: Potentially Danger – The inspector found signs of potentially dangerous problems and remedial action is needed urgently.

C3 Non-Compliance – The electrical installation does not meet the general standards and regulations thus, improvement is recommended.

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