Importance of Getting Electrical Condition Report

An electrical condition report is important not only because it is a legal requirement for any building or home, but also as a safety precaution. Keep in mind that all electrical installations and equipment, no matter how well built, will deteriorate and break down over time.

It is recommended that a thorough inspection of built in electrical systems in the home or building be done once every 3 to 5 years.  These electrical safety checks or electrical inspections ensure that electrical systems in your home or in public buildings and structures are kept up to code and running in top condition.

An electrical installation condition report will show if any of the electrical circuits or equipment are compromised or broken. It will also find any potential electric shock risks as well as fire hazard in points where the wiring may be damaged or faulty. Any defective or badly done electrical work is likewise identified so that issues can be addressed immediately.

The law mandates that you have your home or commercial building inspected and certified on a regular basis, especially if you are a landlord. If you rent out your house or space, you are subject to additional general guidelines, which impose that all electrical installations made are safe by the time a tenant moves in. Landlords must also ensure that all electrical appliances provided to their tenants are in safe working order and have the CE marking for compliance. An inspection and test must be carried out every five years for HMOs and for properties in Scotland, as stated by UK regulations.

A fine of £5,000 will be imposed on landlords who violate the government’s electrical regulations. The court can also impose six months imprisonment and potential criminal charges for the offender in the event of an electrical accident resulting in damage to property, personal injury, or death.

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