Ensure the Safety of The Electrical Equipment of Your Property Through PAT Testing

Portable appliances testing (PAT) is an electrical safety test that is conducted on all electrical appliances. ‘Portable’ could include fixed appliances, too, such as hand dryers, ovens, and hobs. PAT testing is important in all industries, even in commercial, industrial, and domestic properties. If you own or manage a rental, you should consider having your appliances PAT tested for your tenants to ensure their safety and good condition. In fact, the testing is an aspect of health and safety procedures and your property’s maintenance program, as stated in the Health and Safety At Works Act of 1974.

Appliances that are used by employees or the public, hired electrical equipment, and repaired or serviced appliances must go through PAT testing. After the test, portable appliances will have an annual retest date, so you can easily recall the last test date and make sure that the next test will be fulfilled. Consider this as good practice, not only for your reputation, but also for the safety of your customers, tenants, or employees. The portable appliance testing of integrated portable devices is carried out by an Earth Test, and Visual, as they cannot always be tested.

When booking PAT, be sure to choose a qualified electrician who is registered with NAPIT or NICEIC. That way, you can be sure that they are qualified and have knowledge in portable appliance testing and that they have the right equipment to carry it out. PAT testing may not yet be a legal requirement, but it is still recommended to ensure the safety of your establishment. It could save you tons of money and time, and help you avoid fires and lower your risk of electric shock. It will help defend your liability in case of an accident, too. Most councils will require the test, including insurance companies that want to make sure that your property is safe before they insure it.

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